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Arlene Shechet: Meissen Recast

Published by Gregory R. Miller & Co.

Text by Dominic Molon, Maureen Cassidy-Geiger, Elizabeth A. Williams. Interview by Judith Tannenbaum.

Arlene Shechet: Meissen Recast is an exploration of the acclaimed sculptor's recent residency at the world-renowned German porcelain factory. The first porcelain manufacturers in Europe, the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory has attracted artists and artisans from around the world since its establishment in the early 1700s. During her residency, Shechet gained access to all areas of the factory's production, learning their techniques, using their tools and familiarizing herself with their traditions. The astounding body of work that emerged from her time at Meissen, including adaptations and combinations of the original molds, both celebrates this history and subverts our very ideas of craftsmanship in porcelain.

Meissen Recast stunningly captures a groundbreaking project. This book will change the way you view the traditions and future possibilities of decorative arts and their intersection with the realms of contemporary art.

Hardcover, 7 by 10 inches, 176 pages, in color.

ISBN 9781941366059
Published Spring 2015

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