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Allied Works Architecture / Brad Cloepfil: Occupation
Texts by Brad Cloepfil, Sandy Isenstadt, and Kenneth Frampton
Conversations with Doug Aitken, Ann Hamilton, Douglas Reed, Ben Rubin, Eric Sanderson, Mark C. Taylor, and Jan Tichelaar
Photographs by Victoria Sambunaris

Architect Brad Cloepfil and his innovative firm Allied Works Architecture have received significant and deserved attention over the past decade, having designed a number of major and influential public, institutional, commercial and residential buildings. This comprehensive monograph covers all of Allied Works' important commissions--including the Museum of Art and Design in New York, the Seattle Art Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and the recently awarded major commission to design the National Music Centre of Canada--and contains an extensive selection of images documenting each project. These include models, sketches, plans and site photos, as well as Victoria Sambunaris's context photography.

The texts include essays by Sandy Isenstadt and Kenneth Frampton alongside writings by Cloepfil himself about his practice and individual projects. The book also features conversations between Cloepfil and a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds, including artists Doug Aitken and Ann Hamilton, theologian Mark Taylor, botanist Eric Sanderson, information designer Ben Rubin, landscape architect Doug Reed and artisan/fabricator Jan Tichelaar. These highly readable dialogues bring to light numerous aspects of Cloepfil's approach to architecture as well as revealing a variety of personal elements that influence and inform his work.

Hardcover, 10 x 12 inches, 440 pages, illustrated throughout

ISBN: 9780980024258
Published April 2011

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